10 Benefits of Sublimation Printing

10 Benefits of Sublimation Printing

What is Sublimation?

Well what is Sublimation….Drum roll….It is basically when something solid turns into a gas without going through the form of liquid first. Crazy!

So when does this happen? Great question but wait lets work out what Sublimation Printing is first..

What is Sublimation Printing?

It is basically digitally printing onto specialised paper before then transferring it to fabric (polyester) under high heat and pressure.

Now did you spot when the Sublimation happens? Its when the dye on the specialised paper is transferred to the fabric. The heat and pressure change the solid dye into a gas, which is then absorbed into the heart of the fabric.

The dye has now effectively embedded itself into the fabric. This is great news because it will inevitably stay there forever without fading, washing away or coming off. (Wow that’s 3 benefits right there).

Here are 7 more benefits to Sublimated garments:

  1. Lightweight – The dye weighs next to nothing so there will be little difference to a t-shirt before or after printing.
  2. Unlimited Designs – Yes literally anything. Whatever image that has been put in the computer will come out exactly the same on your sublimated t-shirt.
  3. Unlimited Logos – As many as you want as it is just part of the design. No more paying for individual screen prints or paying per embroidered logo. Sublimate them for no extra cost.
  4. No Artwork Setup Fees – There is always artwork setup fees involved with other printing options like screen printing and embroidery but sublimation has no added fees.
  5. Comfort – Because the dye becomes apart of the Sublimated garments, there is no texture or raised logos or stitching. It is completely smooth and a lot more comfortable.
  6. Cost Effective – Generally if you need more than 10 items of anything in a half decent design with a logo, than this process is going to save you a stack of cash. Higher price per garment but save on extras like logo costs and setup fees.
  7. Environmentally friendly – The most eco- friendly way of printing as it doesn’t have water waste, use harmful inks and the transfer paper is fully recyclable.
Sublimation T-Shirt Printing

Sublimation Process from Digital to Paper


There are a lot of reasons why we at Custom Sports favor Sublimation printing but the most important to us is the versatility of the designs you can create. They can be modern, simple, high in detail, complex patterns and unlimited in colours. With the way Sports Design is at the moment, Sublimating your Sports Uniforms is an absolute must do.