5 Common Mistakes with Sports Uniform Design

5 Common Mistakes with Sports Uniform Design

If you look after your Clubs Sports Uniform ordering then check out the pitfalls and common errors to avoid. It may seem like an easy process in theory but there some real howlers that can be easily avoided. Check them out so you know what to expect when ordering your Uniforms.

Spelling Mistakes on Teamwear

One of the glaring mistakes to watch out for is spelling mistakes. This can be Club Logos, Sponsor Logos, Names or Text that is written on the garment.

If logos aren’t in the right format the factory will redraw them and sometimes misspell a name or date in the logo.

Names is a big one and it simply happens like Chinese whispers. You pass on the list of names for the back of the shirts, which believe it or not can already start with mistakes. Did you know that there is 18 different ways to spell Katherine?

That is then passed onto the factory who then have to retype this into a computer. If care is not taken at this stage it is easy to type the letters in the wrong order.

Don’t panic though, because at Custom Sports, we double check everything before printing on our Sports Teamwear as once they are printed, it lasts forever.

Sports Uniform Fails

Embarrassing Sports Uniform Mistakes


Is my Custom Design Sportswear too Busy?

Sublimated Clothing is great because the options are endless. Add as many colours, patterns, logos and text as you want for no extra charge…but that doesn’t mean you should.

Ever heard of the K.I.S.S principle? Keep It Simple Stupid. This definitely applies to Custom Sports Apparel. A busy design with lots of logos isn’t easy on the eye and your sponsors logos won’t stand out and its important to keep them happy.

If you’ve worked hard to get lots of shirt sponsors then keep the design simple with a maximum of 2 colours.

Custom Teamwear Colouring

Your Custom Sports Uniform is a different colour or shade then you were expecting. Most companies will have their own specific colours that they use and these can look different on different screens, fabrics and in different photos. (Do you remember the dress that was Black and Blue but some people saw it as Gold and White). The common response is ” Sorry that is our standard colour we use”. Hang on a minute, isn’t this Custom Sports Apparel? why can’t I have a Custom Made colour?

Custom Sports can match any colour as long as you have a PMS Colour Number. This PMS colour will vary slightly between different fabrics but it will be pretty close to your expectation. If you don’t have a PMS Colour Number, that’s cool we can match a colour from your logo.

Not Ordering Enough Quantities

When it comes to Customising anything, the more you buy the cheaper it is going to be. On the flip side, the fewer you buy the more expensive it will become.

This becomes very relevant when you haven’t ordered enough and you need 1 or 2 more. Guess What, you’ll be paying a considerably higher price than your initial order.

Simple solution is to order enough to cover the unexpected. For example, if you have a team of 16 players that need shirts I would order 18. It’s amazing how shirts go missing but they do. Even the toughest double stitch can still get ripped if a scuffle breaks out on the field. If you are buying off field garments for the players, buy extra to sell at the canteen as well as covering any mid season player transfers.

Buy Sports Uniform in Different Sizes

It sounds like a good idea at the time. Getting all the players sizes and maybe even matching them up with the numbers. It works if they are keeping the shirts at the end of the year but if you need 2 or 3 years out of them then what happens when they leave or are injured next season. A 6ft 6″ Centre back is trying to squeeze into a medium.

The easiest, pain free solution is one size fits all and go as large as your largest player.