Puma Teamwear Review

Puma Teamwear Review

Recently, we have explored different opportunities of supplying Custom Made Teamwear from the Big Brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Back when I first starting working in the industry, well over a decade ago, none of the big brands were interested in Customising their Teamwear. It was “off the shelf” stock items that came in a short range of designs and a few different colour combinations.

These days, Nike and Adidas both offer Customisation but you must pick from their designs and standard colours. Whether these items are pre made or custom made at the time of ordering, I think depends on th

e design.

Puma Teamwear Custom Made

Custom Puma Teamwear


On the other hand, Puma were very accommodating with using our designs and colours and as long as you designs aren’t tacky, copyrighted or offensive then you can have full creative licence.

*Be Aware* There was a fair bit of back and forth in the design phase and we quickly learnt that our standards of 24-48hrs for design adjustments took between 1-2 weeks.

Production was another lengthy process and even though we placed order before Christmas, we didn’t receive until mid March. Design Phase and Production time totaling more than 3 months. Over double the amount of time that we at Custom Sports would allow for delivery. This was a big disappointment and missed the agreed upon deadline by several weeks.

The Results

In terms of the design, it actually turned out pretty close, however the colours weren’t quite as expected which can sometimes happen with a fade. We do a pre-production sample in our factory to solve any colour or logo problems like this but we didn’t see anything like this from Puma which was really surprising from such a Big Brand.

Custom Made Soccer Teamwear

Puma Teamwear Custom Made

The biggest issue we had was the sizing. There had been a big error in the sizing of the Shirts and Shorts making them too big, and in particular the shorts were unusable. According to the size chart supplied they were at 2 sizes bigger. How this happens with a well established Company astounded me. Look errors can happen, we are all human but I know our process of quality control and each order has to pass through several departments including quality control so you would hope it would be picked up somewhere.


So positives are the design freedom allowing you to create your own Puma Shirt which is a great idea and a step up from what Nike and Adidas are doing. Add your Colours, logos and design at no extra cost.

Negatives would certainly be the time it took. I wouldn’t use Puma again simply based on that alone. We live in an age where everyone wants things straight away so waiting months and months was a big letdown.

There was obviously an error in Colour and Sizing so I would be curious as to whether their processes are error proof as yet, which would make me hesistant to order again in the future.

Overall, I like the concept but execution was poor and we’ll be sticking to our own Custom Branding in future.